Vote by Mail Ballot

Know when you request an vote by mail ballot, no one will be able to use your ballot. Turn it in only at the county clerks office drop boxes or through precinct committees.

You may hold onto your ballot until election day; then turn it in to the election judge and watch them write “SURRENDERED” on it, and put it in a disposal pile.

They will then allow you to vote in person on election day. This is the best way to make sure no one votes for you or a loved one that has passed away and has not been removed off the voter rolls. 

Recommendation: select “General” not “Continuous”. If you move or pass away, ballots could potentially be sent to your old home address causing confusion in future elections. 

To request your Vote by Mail Ballot please click the link below.

News on “Permanent Vote-by-Mail” – Do NOT SIGN flyers in your mailbox.


How to Register to Vote

How to Be a Poll Watcher & Let Your Candidates Know

Interactive Map Link

To verify you are in the correct district with the new district map made this year please click on the link for the interactive link.