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* Kane County Safety Act Crimes Updated Weekly

* Phrases to confuse the public into illegal voting. Link.

* Chaos affecting our livelihood Link.

* Against Antisemitism against those who support HAMAS Link.

* Schools have control over children’s healthcare Not parents Link.

* See Motorcycles DuKane ABATE. Ridiculous recommendations on new laws and regulations. Also the push for “self driving trucks and platooning”. Video.

* Freedom of Speech Problems speaking in remembrance of 9/11 Link.

* Sex Trafficking Rings found all over Kane and DuPage County Link.

* Religious Clinics and Businesses Under Attack in many Bills. Link for just one of which the clinics “could” be fined as well and put out of business.

* Fire in the City of West Chicago 11/30/23. Working with our current Senator to get the ball rolling as soon as possible and keep our people safe no matter party lines right now. The people in the I am an Independent Alderman for right now are top priority. 

* Against Antisemitism and terrorist organizations. Against Pro-Hamas.

* DuPage County $20 Million Dollar Renovation Due to the Safety-Act. We the people will have to pay for via taxes. 

* Advocate for School Choice

* Tried warning people about the anti “Safety Act” releasing felons and domestic abusers back out onto the street with a slap on the wrist: 

Misdemeanors for the possibility of killing 1,500 people

* Intimidation at Meet & Greet Events occurring regularly

* Only Alderman to Vote “No” on increasing taxes and our water bills and consistently requests for fiscal spending, as the people in our community cannot afford the increases due to our economy.

* Debate Brown vs Villa with the Daily Herald. Brown spoke for the people for our economy, small businesses, also warning about the “Safety Act” as well as “Open Boarders” while Villa spoke for large corporations as well as claiming the only people crossing were from Venezuela. Villa continues her fight for open boarders paid by YOU the taxpayers; as well as the fact, We don’t know who they are or where they go. We’ve already closed down 3 brothels’ in Kane & DuPage with sex trafficking. 

* Daily Herald also covered the Press Conference. Heather Brown holding a sign in support for the victims.

* Heather Browns’ Child Violently Attacked on the bus – “battery charge” with the school not giving much thought as punishment. Protecting the abusers not the victims. Also, via Covid season, teaching students to hate white skinned people during Black History month, taught by the librarian. (He did not read the book to kindergarteners in 2020, he showed the pictures while pointing at white children in the book stating, “look at how mean these kids are”, and commentating his own version of the story while stating “the little girl tore her favorite dress when ripped away from her family and thrown into a cage, but was release back to her family once Martin Luther King Jr. made his speech”. (This fell in line with an attempt to shame our agents on the boarder. False History being taught to our children.)

* (Passed) “No to Amendment 1”

* False information Flagged Villa

* NO to Permanent Vote-by-Mail

* Misinformation on the Safe-T Act passed by the Democrats and those that helped support passing the legislation for the “Pretrial-Fairness-Act”.  

Live video can be found at: 

* Running for State Senate District 25 ‘My heart has always been for the people’ 

* Scared of Public Awareness – Primary Election Day    

Live Video can be found at: 

 * What are they teaching our children this month? Questions of discrimination. 

 * Protecting Every Child with a Heartbeat DuPage Policy Journal Publication. Though our State is run by Cook County and not much will change until eyes are opened with abortions in our State, I believe that our religious help Centers have had their freedoms stripped away. “Can’t say Baby” Bill was passed on all clinics. Planned Parenthood as well as the religious centers can only tell mothers that it is a “clump of cells” or they will be shut down by offering education or as the Democrats would call it “deceptive acts“. 

* Gas Prices Publication in West Cook News

* Karina Villa Will Raise Your Property Taxes – Bing video

* Supporting our Police as the Democrats imposed the new Safe-T Act (What they want you to see)

* Supporting our communities and our Police while they have to now abide with the Safe-T Act. Full Text. As Criminals will be set free Starting July 2022. Every resident should be scared. (Please use google translate for this portion. They did not allow translations for the bill. They want to keep hidden from the public 700+ pages) 

* Voter Integrity – How to Sign up to be an Election Judge in our District 25 Republican Judges are needed! Or they will be filled by Democrat judges. 

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