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* Issues I Will Address

Crime & Safety & State Opioid Crisis

Since being on the Public Affairs Committee, I have had the privilege to speak with our Sheriff, Police Chiefs and the staff on the new laws and regulations the Democrats have put in place. Our historically safe suburbs are now being hit by criminals. We need to make sure these criminals stay in jail and end the catch and release bond system. We need to keep our communities safe. We need to end the Anti-Policing Bills!

Our most recent Bill in the House, HB4603 which can be clicked on for the full text. No more traffic stops.

 January 1, 2023, Criminal Justice Reform passed by our Democratic Party that will allows criminals to rule our state with a slap on the wrist for murder or Class B and Class C Felony’s. In Kane County, they update weekly of the “offense” and how they are attempting to keep them in Jail without the “Safety-Act”  Free Cashless Bail Passes. Though many are released keeping our communities less safe. DuPage County is still prepared to keep our communities safe. Though with the new extension of a $20 Million Dollar building in the works which, we the taxpayers will have to cover for the cashless bail hearings that run 365 days a year.  

– Bail Referendum: Offenders are set free if they are no longer a threat to the victim (example: if the victim is dead, or if they stole your car but they live out of town).

–  Trespassing: If someone has a no trespassing order, police officers can no longer remove the person from your property. They can only hold onto a ticket in hopes the person will take it. This should concern anyone that has been domestically harmed in the past, present or future.  

– Citations in lieu of arrest.

– Police officers cannot pursue a criminal if they can later be identified. 

– If someone was just let out of jail for a felony the day prior, they will not be allowed to arrest them for a felony the following day. 

There are so many issues that should be concerning for any resident in Illinois within the new Safe-T act, which is around 764 pages in length. You can research many of the issues at SPAC | HB 3653 — SAFE-T Act ( . I am proud to have such a close relationship with our men and women in blue. I will support them and their concerns to keep our communities safe!


Kane, DuPage and our Chicago Land areas are still finding victims…

Economy – Stop the Spending & Inflation

Economy: while being on the infrastructure committee in West Chicago, I have learned ways to cut spending and receive not more grants. A couple of years back, Springfield took away 5% of taxpayer’s money from every municipality which in turn led to raising taxes in many towns. The State of Illinois just continued spending, instead of making adjustments to help us. Working as a past accountant, there are areas we can save money and areas we need to spend money. 

I was the only person on Council this past December voting “no”, to increase taxes on our constituents. 

We need to help support our small businesses and lower the strict regulations imposed upon them. The Democrats are now pushing a new $25,000 grant program for small businesses they’ve hurt since the pandemic. They’re trying to backpedal now every way possible with an upcoming election. But grants are not free. It’s comes with a cost as more inflation to us, law abiding, tax paying citizens, here in Illinois. 

 STOP overspending!

It’s time to take back control with OUR values. We need to be the area where people want to start their businesses, not fleeing the state or closing doors due to highest taxes. The only reason we have a “balanced budget, is from $186 million in bailout money from the federal government. They never cut any spending from their budget, we need to address our budget and not rely on federal taxpayer’s money. 

Signs to hire are everywhere you look. No one is accepting the jobs.

You get paid more to be on Unemployment than working. This has to change.

Fixing our current Spending through the State has to be addressed first to help the people so they can afford the price of living. 

It’s time to help our economy during these devastating times of highway robbery of the highest inflation.

Education and Parent Involvement 

Parents are NOT terrorist and Schools SHOULD NOT have unlimited access to give medical treatment or medical advice to children without parents consent! Right now as of January 1, 2024, they can hide all information from We the Parents. As for the New House Bill, “HB4876,” Schools will have absolute control of your children’s medical care without your knowledge. We must stand up for our children, our grandchildren and the future generations!

 We are concerned about the mental well being of the children and for our kids to be taught they are not good enough to succeed due to “diversity”.  As we have done in the past, we need to keep the children’s mental health in mind for our own children reminding them, “if you work hard you can achieve your dreams.” The teachers Unions have taken over our schools and claim children are held back as if they were living in the 50’s and 60’s under Jim Crow laws. There are so many success stories from all nationalities of legal immigrants, and DACA at young ages coming to the USA with a dream and achieving it. It’s time they remember why people come to here to being with. Now days, people whom have moved here from Communist/Socialist countries are living in fear under our current administration. 

*I have been a strong voice in our school board meetings. I spoke many times as a concerned parent for my children as well as our community. I began recording and translating them for our 80% Hispanic community. They refused to record or have enough microphones for the entire staff, so I took it upon myself to help parents know what was going on in the meetings. I will continue fighting for our 80% Latino community in District 33 and more. People need to know the truth and where our tax money is going. 


One benefit of having an ad for the people last cycle in 2022,

our current Senator passed this Bill and Claimed the idea as her own.

I also helps run “What’s Happening in Wego” on Facebook and translated multiple board meetings to Spanish for the community. 

Bill SB 818 “Sex Education” for ages K-8. I am against these teachings to our young children. They need to focus on common curriculum, to raise the grades of all our schools now that everyone has fallen so far behind. I will always fight for parents’ choice as well as what is best for our children. Please take a look at those that voted in favor for this bill. This would be against any Religious families view on discussing these issues with such young children. You can find the information here: Illinois General Assembly – Bill Status for SB0818 (

Some DuPage & Kane county are currently continuing to teach this curriculum. Bullying is happening in both counties. If middle schoolers or high schoolers do not state they are bisexual or hold onto LGBQT flags, they are bullied or peer pressure forces them to state they are. (Told by many parents).  Be proactive at your upcoming school board meetings! Be proactive in your children’s lives and speak with them. Maintain a close relationship with them.

Kane county school Districts that opted out of this pornographic teachings are as listed.


Mental Health Awareness

There are so many issues to address towards helping our communities with mental awareness. So much stress has been put on children, police, and veterans. Counselors need to be more available for our children. Drugs out of control with our children, and the loss of so many lives; police having a rough time dealing with the stress on the streets and the new laws imposed on them, as well as our veterans need to be addressed. 

In attending events around our state, Heather has found out just how serious each item has become and not addressed by our present administration. 

By attending an Event for the Patriot Project she found out that today and tomorrow, 22 Veterans will take their lives. These are 22 people that served and protected our country for the freedoms we have today. Let that sink in. At least 22 with reports stating this number has been growing yearly. We need to take better care of our Veterans. From people with current experience and know what works and doesn’t work. I recommend you research information by the 

If you know someone, please contact them regularly. If you are someone, please know you can always dial 988 for the Suicide Prevention Line where someone will answer your call and you can speak with someone who cares about you. 




Special Needs Awareness

With so many families affected with Special Needs and Autism, including Heather Browns own family; there need to be adjustments to our current schooling and opportunities for families with special needs. 

Illinois passed a bill getting rid of Isolation Rooms back in 2019. Many families with Autistic members had a very difficult situation getting their children into correct schools and programs after this was passed. Families had to quit their jobs, and attempt to get on waiting lists for other schools out of state for their children to attend. Isolation rooms are for those that are of a higher spectrum of special needs; those that physically harm themselves or need a decompression area from over stimulation. Yes, we have quotes from “verbal” students having a poor performance or discovered to have been involved in the misuse of the Isolation rooms in the past. But it disrupted the livelihood of many families around our State of Illinois. Some children are still on waiting list to attend schools. Many families cannot afford to see their children every day.  While others had to move out of state to allow for them to take their children to a special needs school that would help accommodate for their children. With the amount of security options available today, there should be no issues managing Isolation Rooms in schools to make sure there is NEVER an issue again. Instead of completely removing the rooms, there should have been a discussion with parents on ways that could help improve the usage.

There are so many options to bring Isolation Rooms back into the state of Illinois. We need to help fight for our children with Special Needs. 


Helping Mothers

Many expecting mothers live in fear or other issues may arise in their lives that they may not think life with a child is possible. There are so many options an opportunities available. Safe-Haven boxes, Foster, Adoption, of actual groups made specifically for expectant mothers unsure of what to do. Taking away the right for our religious run facilities to not tell their patients that with their ultrasound it “is a baby” but a clump of cells, via the “False information Standards” passed by the Democrats is taking away religious freedoms protected by our constitution! 

I am proud to be a representative to such a large religious population of Hispanics here in West Chicago that is pro-life. We currently have multiple Safe Haven locations. More to come with in the future of West Chicago. More options other than an incumbent endorsed by Planned Parenthood. 

Planned Parenthood advocates and those whom are endorsed by them feel threatened. Their goal is to get rid of our current resource centers in the future, some States are already trying to take action. Right now  to every 1 abortion clinic there are 3 Pregnancy Resource Centers. They can be fined up to $50K if they say baby or help in an incorrect manner of which only the Democrats control in language via “False Statements”. 


Amendments Under Attack

First Amendment:

I believe we all have the right to speak our minds and not be silenced. We have the right to Freedom of Speech. Parents or Tax payers should be able to speak at board meetings without being silenced. Concerns should be met by board members with open ears by those who pay their salaries. Media outlets have silenced truth and are sharing only fake news to our constituents. In our community, the only Spanish News station offered is very democratic and fear mongers those that do not know English. 

Second Amendment:

I believe we have the right to keep bear arms to protect ourselves from foreign and domestic threats. There are many issues towns around us have begun taking away shops rights on the types of guns sold to law abiding citizens. Those that already have FOID cards. Bill have been brought up to be able to sue Manufactures or Dealers when crimes occur. They are not the ones that pull the trigger. All dealers follow our current laws with background checks and enforce purchasers to provide a FOID card before purchasing. Silencers have been banned in Illinois as well, which can assist the owners with recoil. After high school, our teenagers are allowed to fight for our freedom in the military, but not until age 21 are they able to purchase a gun. Bills have been brought up to hold parents accountable for criminals actions. There are so many laws on our State, which has one of the highest laws and regulations on purchasing. Criminals will get their hands on guns either way. We have the black market that thrives everywhere that needs to be addressed. People have become numb hearing the weekend numbers report on people shot or killed within the city. This should not be the case. We need to start protecting our cities and communities as January 1st we will have to defend our livelihood ourselves, either our personal property or businesses. 

I attend our monthly NRA-IL zoom meetings to hear more about issues in our state and around the country. To find out more please sign up for the monthly meetings for the NRA-ILA


Top Abortion State Capital

Though our State is Run by Cook County and not much will change with our current “abortion” laws. We still need to make sure that our Religious Clinics do not get fined for their Religious Beliefs, by stating it is a “baby”, not a clump of cells as well as being allowed to keep their Religious Beliefs & Practice them Freely under our Constitution.

Businesses Religious Freedoms under Attack by Our Current Legislators!

Mothers have a choice. There are so many free sources to reach out to mothers that should be taught in school, not that your life is over if you have a child at a young age. 

There are too many instances where people are using Abortion as a type of birth control. As a state we have taken the burden of surrounding states for “Free Abortion Services” with Planned Parenthood. This organization has been killing more African Americans and Minority Groups than those giving birth. I believe more services should be offered to our communities for children and adults as far as birth control and the mental awareness for those that do go through the abortion process. Those encouraging abortion have a voice, the babies do not.

Today we should be proud of all our scientific pediatric ICU and NICU doctors arduous work saving infants through many stages. Right now, abortions are being fought to stay in the state of Illinois and to accommodate other non-residents as well, funded by taxpayers. The thought that mothers have the option to terminate even after birth should be eye opening to anyone. Bills are being drawn up for mothers to terminate 30-60 days after birth.

I swore an oath to uphold the constitution and I pray Title X for Planned Parenthood created in 1970 was for those with low-income or uninsured to get medical health care, it never stated “abortions”. If Title X is for those providing healthcare, other health assisting agencies should be covered under this government funded law. Our current State Senator District 25, is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and I pray more people in our religious community see how much they have given her. I have spoken to many people in the passing months that did not even know thirteen-year-olds could get free services without parental consent. I have found Planned Parenthood does not give women enough birth control for women or teens that are sexually active. There should be better options for our children and women in the future. Sex ed should include real education abortion does to a child. They do not explain it to teens or women, or the mental awareness to those that have regret after. 

Below is a Picture of my niece who was born at 22 weeks. Had to be in foster care after her stay in the NICU. 

I am grateful for the Doctors and nurses that saved her. She is now 13 years old. Her older siblings were born by a family member at the age of 16, whom had two wonderful twin boys. She went on to get her GED and went to higher education after. 



I am for helping Green Card holders get easier access to citizenship. For far too long, many people have been working in our country and paying taxes. They have been abiding to our laws. I believe these people whom have been in our county for decades should be granted easier access to citizenship without having to pay for lawyers or travel back to their home country for official documentation. Children whom were smuggled in decades ago, and have a clean record, and have been an asset to our communities need an easier way to become citizens. 

“Though I do believe we need to protect our borders and close them from cartels and the mass migration; including tax burdens, abandoning our own homeless Americans, and drug and sex trafficking.

People are taking advantage of the USA and the poor women and children abused during their journey. This needs to come to an stop now! 

*I have personally helped someone as they went through the process of obtaining their citizenship here in the United States. He was a hard worker, married with children. Unfortunately, he had come here as a child and did not have a choice but to pay thousands of dollars for a lawyer and obtain many documents from friends, family, and co-workers first. However, he did not have a Green Card. Luckily, after many months of hard work, he was able to become a legal resident. He had been paying taxes in our country for decades. He had been a law abiding citizen for years and is a great asset for our State. I am proud to have helped out a great friend, and I hope I will be able to help more that have been assets to our county for decades. 

Americans First Policies Under the Constitutional Freedoms that make our Country Great!