Illinois Family Action

Thank you to Illinois Family Action. I am fighting to protect our children and our families. 

Cario Events Small Business of 16 years, recently forced out of West Chicago due to bitter restrictions imposed by the city.

“Heather Brown was the only member of city government to see the injustice of the city’s attacks against my family’s small business and advocate on our behalf. She fought for us because it was right, even though she didn’t have much to gain politically for it either, she stuck up for her values and helped. We do not tend to agree with Republican values; our family has always voted Democrat, but Heather’s heart on politics transcends party lines. We support Heather.”

Illinois National Guard Support

   I am grateful for all of our military in the USA and within our State. I am proud to have met so many within District 25.  I listened to your concerns and I am here to support you and the change needed in Illinois. They protect us, now it is time for us to protect them!

Twin Eagles

First endorsement by a local family-owned small business, Twin Eagles in West Chicago. I support all our small businesses and have always listened to their needs to help them whenever asked.

Jeanne Ives

I am so grateful for Jeanne’s support from day one on this journey. Thank you for your endorsement. 🇺🇸


Nurses supporting our freedom! Nurses supporting our country! God bless our nurses and doctors for all that they do for us. 

Hawthorne's Backyard in West Chicago

A small business in West Chicago that donates to so many wonderful causes. I was able to participate in their polar plunge with our West Chicago Police Department for Special Olymics just this past year. They do so much for our community and we are greatful for all you do for non-profits. Thank you for your support!

Poud to stand with our Constitutional Rights especially the ones attempted to be dismantled.

I support our Second Amendment.

Winfield Township Republicans

Grateful to have the endorsement of my hometown Republican Committeemen. They have helped in so many ways with my Candidate Race. I cannot thank them enough.

Jim Oberweis

Thank you for your kind endorsement, and insight on how our current Senator has been breaking laws of the State. 

Wayne Township Republicans

Thank you to Wayne Township Republicans for their endorsement. We have had so many beneficial meetings and parades spreading awareness to the people around us.

DuPage County Republicans

Thank you to the re-elected Chairman, Jim Zay, of DuPage County Republicans for the Endorsement.

Thank you to Batavia Township Republicans for your “Unanimous approval” for endorsment. I am happy to be working along side you.

Aurora Township Republican Central Committee

Thank you to Chairman Elizabeth Earl and Don Walter.🇺🇸

The Punishers

Happy to run into some local friends all in one place. The Punishers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club DuPage LEMC.

Including Small Business Owners in West Chicago🇺🇸