Meet Heather

“I swore an oath to uphold the constitution. Even if people are not in my area, I do my best to reach out and have their concerns heard or addressed to the best of my ability.”

– Independent Alderman for the City of West Chicago for the past 7 years I’ve learned how to work with those on both side of the isle while also speaking up for the people. 

– Only Alderman to vote “No” on every Levy 

– Only Alderman to vote “No” on Water Rate Increases

– Only Alderman to insist of fiscal responsibility during these hard economic times.  


Meet Heather Brown Video

2022 They Passed the Safe-T Act targeting our Police, They’re now Going after our Police Chiefs as well as mandating criminal behavior to be ignored:

Attempted to Warn Public of the Anti “Safety Act” that DID pass by the Democrats releasing Felons onto our Streets in 2023, though no one believed us.

A Strong History


Heather has been married to her husband for ten years. She has been homeschooling her two young children since 2020.  Family has always been important in her life.  Heather’s extended family is diverse and includes mental health issues impacted by Bills passed in Illinois.  Her family has been her main support system after being diagnosed eight years ago with Stiff Person Syndrome; a rare autoimmune disease.  In addition to fighting her own health battles, she is a fighter for others and their families. 

Intro Short Background Information

Current Independent Alderman for the past 7 years. “My goal is to work for the people on fiscal spending and responsibility. To reach out to the correct service departments even if those in need are not in my designated Ward.” Prior to children, Heather worked many years as an accountant. Now she homeschools her children as well as working as a Swim Coach as well as service in fostering and other areas in need in the community. 

Background Work

 From a young age, Heather has always been motivated to work, starting with babysitting and mowing lawns. Her work ethic was passed down from her parents and grandparents, who needed to provide during the Great Depression. They immigrated to this country with one bag and the clothes on their backs. Eventually, they were proud to fight for our constitutional rights in World War II. 

Her passions included swimming and competing in Chicago Triathlons. She attended the US Open in Swimming at the age of 13, just months after the Twin Towers had fallen. Seeing the destruction first hand, with the buildings still smoldering, had a profound impact on her life. She deeply respects our nation’s first responders.

She began working at the age of 14, while in high school. She earned her high school diploma in just three years. She worked for Fannie May and also for Cole’s Auto Body Shop, following in her father’s footsteps in auto-body repair and mechanics. She has never been afraid of getting her hands dirty in different jobs to become well-rounded.

She attended College of DuPage full time while working two jobs. She was on the swim team and also worked as a lifeguard. She studied business and accounting. After college, she went on to work as an accountant as well as a forensic accountant for 3 different companies. 

While in college, she became the Head Swim Team Coach in Glen Ellyn. Working as a coach and mentoring children was one of her most rewarding jobs. She is currently a certified coach and continues her CEU’s in education through USA Swimming. (Continued education in Leadership and Diverse Situations through yearly Safe Sport training through USA Swimming). Currently, coaching swimming for a Masters Program in Glen Ellyn; including 4 of which she was able to use her American Sign Language skills with. Personally enjoying the opportunity to share her love and passion with others and seeing them achieve goals over and over is a privilege. She tells her students “anything is possible as long as you work hard every day”. 


Since having children, Heather became an Alderman for the City of West Chicago. Each December, she is the only person on the council to vote against increasing taxes as well as the only Alderman to vote “No” on increasing our water rates due to our economical times. As an alderman, she has been an independent thinker. She has responded to constituents outside her ward to help whenever possible in her sub committees of Public Affairs and Infrastructure. She has reached across the aisle when helping small businesses over the years whenever they sought assistance. 


Over the years, Heather has participated in many volunteer events including:

  • Participating in bike rides for helping low-income individuals receiving medical and dental insurance through Tri City Health Partnership
  • Rebuilding homes for hurricane Katrina victims through Habitat for Humanity
  • Rushing to help people impacted by tornadoes in southern Illinois through cleanup and distribution of essentials with the Red Cross
  • Participating in several Warrior Dash events in support for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Managing debt for people in need for freedom from debt collectors and future success
  • Recording School Board meetings and translating them into Spanish to benefit the Latino community: passed by current senator during last campaign as I ran ads promoting this for our communities. 
  • Fostering rescue animals through DuPage County Animal Shelter
  • Polar Plunge Jumping raising funds for Special Olympics with our local Police Departments.
  • Passing out information with Events for Autism Awareness & Autism Speaks in our community as our family also has a members diagnosed. 
  • Administering a website providing emotional support for those suffering with Stiff Person Syndrome
  • Fostering rescued animals through Bark of an Angel
  • Secret Santa Coordinator with our Police Department for families misplaced by a fire in the City of West Chicago before Christmas 2023
  • Offering Snow Removal Services with Volunteers within our Communities during the winter

“I am excited to be a representative, for you, to make Illinois a better place for families and single residents alike, to thrive and grow together as a community.”


Annual Memorial Day Rememberance of the Heros that fought for our Freedom. 

Fostering with Bark of an Angel

Close Relations with our City and County Police

Apple picking with the Brown Family. Autism Awareness. Bring back Isolation Rooms. 

Fostering Animals through DuPage Animal Shelter

Proud to Represent a City that offers Safe Haven Babies

Precinct Committeeman 1

Oath of Office for Winfield Township GOP

Running for St. Jude children’s hospital

Building homes for Katrina Victims

Secret Santa for Fire Victims in West Chicago